Weather Balloon in the Works

Unfortunately the weather balloon has been put on hold as the end of the year and summer activities have kept us busier than normal. We hope to get back to it before the end of the summer. Also hope to catch up with the blog and post some more of the cool stuff the kids have been working on.

payload rings

payload rings

We just finished cutting out the body of the balloon using foam and nichrome wire.  First the inside was cut out and then the outside, making rings that we will glue together to have an Orion shaped Capsule.

hollowing out the body

hollowing out the body

Balloon Capsule (hollow)

Balloon Capsule (hollow)


Our latest project is building a weather balloon.  We are still in the early stages of planning and ordering parts but will add more information as progress is made.


Lemon Circuit Instructions

lemon-half-pageOur 8 year old spent the weekend playing with the lemon circuits and making a direction sheet to hand out when we go to the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  Here it is—she did such a great job and can’t wait to show off her circuit!  What fun it is to have such great maker kids!

We’re going to the NoCo Mini Maker Faire!

On October 5th we will be heading to the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  Our ideas and projects are coming together.  We will have a small 10×10 booth with a few things to do and see.


As part of the Cardboard Challenge going on at the faire, we will be bringing our own cardboard inspired game… Ours is a cardboard tower with different stuffed animals placed throughout.  The object of the game will be to take the giant slingshot we are building to launch a bird (hopefully not an angry bird) to knock down the tower.  We will be setting up in the next few days to test it out and see how it works!


We will also have paper for making paper helicoptersloop planes and any other things kids can think of that will fly or fall.

More ideas will be added…we just hope there will be enough room!