Weather Balloon in the Works

Unfortunately the weather balloon has been put on hold as the end of the year and summer activities have kept us busier than normal. We hope to get back to it before the end of the summer. Also hope to catch up with the blog and post some more of the cool stuff the kids have been working on.

payload rings

payload rings

We just finished cutting out the body of the balloon using foam and nichrome wire.  First the inside was cut out and then the outside, making rings that we will glue together to have an Orion shaped Capsule.

hollowing out the body

hollowing out the body

Balloon Capsule (hollow)

Balloon Capsule (hollow)


Our latest project is building a weather balloon.  We are still in the early stages of planning and ordering parts but will add more information as progress is made.


Our Maker Shelf (and more)

We have a special shelf dedicated to little things our kiddos make.  Right now on display are: rubber band powered rockets, a solar car, catapults, and a little aluminum and paper boat, all of which were made in after school clubs.


Our goal is to post as many of the things they’ve already made, or that we’ve made as a family, as well as all the new things we have in the works.  This blog will be our virtual shelf and a great way to keep track of all the cool stuff they’ve done.

Grandma and grandpa (Pop-Pop) have also helped make many things with our kiddos that include the bird house, pillows and rock climbing wall below.  100_2083

The bird house was a kit Pop-Pop made and brought out, for our then 7-year old, as a birthday project they could do together.  She loved it and was impressed that he actually made the kit!


The pillows…years ago we needed a new shower curtain and our kids were young (or not even born).  When I saw this cute dog and cat shower curtain in the store, I knew it would bring a smile to their faces.  When we moved almost two years ago, to a house with glass shower doors, we decided to bring the curtain with us.  It was a fond memory of our little bathroom and kids growing up, counting and picking their favorite dogs and cats.  Last winter Grandma transformed the shower curtain into six wonderful pillow cases and we enjoy them every day!


A work in progress…We all love climbing and started this rock climbing wall in our great room (really more of a rec. room) last summer.  There is a slant to the wall on the right.  So behind the plywood we built a platform that the kids can climb up to and read or hang out. There are storage hooks and another shelf also behind the slanted wall that hold climbing shoes, more holds and other gear.  We hope to expand the wall and will post more when we do.  It has already provided loads of fun and exercise for us all.  In this photo you can see the safety pads that we hang up when the wall is not in use.  Safety first!